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Larkspur (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book1)
Ryeth (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 2)
Heartseed (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 3)

H. H. Laura's Sensates arrive in North America over 1200 years ago.  The saga begins in Larkspur with the arrival of the newest Sensate, Alexandra.  In this book, she discovers love, mystery, telekinesis, teleportation, and many other abilities.  You will enjoy living through the eyes of H.H. Laura's amazing and honorable heroine, as she learns to be the most powerful Sensate on Earth.

In the second book, Ryeth, the path toward the Prophecy is firmly set and explored through the rogue Sensate, Ryeth.  Learn why he was shunned by the Sensates, feel his anger and rage increase as his tale unfolds and his heart softens with the taste of first love.  Nearly five hundred years of a solitary existence come crashing down on this unsuspecting Sensate as he comes to grip with his revenge. 


The third book, Heartseed, live through the discovery of the Sensates by a division of Homeland Security, the Fringe Science Bureau (FSB) and experience the full blown Prophecy at hand.  Will they survive the onslaught or be captured by the government and forced to submit to their demands?


Come, live the adventure in this fantasy world of unbelievable extrasensory perception!


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