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H.H. Laura, Sensate Author

About the Author:


Although H. H. Laura is only a pen name, I chose it to honor three amazing women in my life.


The first was my mother, Helen Gellner Higgins.  Her deep and enduring love for my father, Alvas, inspired me to write the Nine Moon Saga Series.   She loved me to read the excerpts to her of how she and daddy met at Bloch Bros. Tobacco Company in Wheeling, WV.  It's the Higgins genealogy that inspired the character Teater and the foundation for the trilogy.


The second was my grandmother, Hazel Saffle Gellner, whose love of family and strength of character made me want to know more about my genealogy.  Her kindness and evident value of self aided me throughout some of the toughest times in my life.


The third is my husband's mother Laura Garmendia Cajigas, whose spirit and love brought forth the caring and devoted man I married.  I've combined his name with her maiden surname to create the character, Juan Garmendia, who is the father of my brooding Ryeth.


All three strong and highly capable women have made their final journey and are gone from this earth.  I honor them with my love, and hope to someday become worthy of their inspiration.

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