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Heartseed (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 3)

H. H. Laura’s Sensates are born with a recessive extrasensory gene.  Most go unnoticed, oftentimes exhibiting déjà vu occurrences throughout their lifetimes.  An elite few who possess this gene and display a high moral code are selected to enter the realm of Sensates who have existed for over two thousand years.


Heartseed is the story of a benevolent race of people with telekinetic, teleportation, and astral-projection capabilities, who have chosen a life a secrecy so their powers are not used by governments to change the course of human history.


Can a few hundred Sensates fend off the technology and military power of the United States government and still maintain their anonymity?   Will the Sensate captured back in 1956 reveal their existence?  Heartseed begins with an unbelievable occurrence and challenges the limits of your imagination.  Travel through time and space with H. H. Laura’s Sensates as they test the boundaries of their abilities against the most powerful government on earth.


In the final trilogy novel Heartseed closes one door in H. H. Laura's Sensate Nine Moon Saga and opens many others. 

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