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Ryeth (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 2)

Sensates have existed on earth for over two thousand years.  They maintain a safe haven in the mountains of Pennsylvania where they hone their abilities away from the prying eyes of those who would use them to their advantage.


Ryeth is the second installment of H.H. Laura's Sensate Nine Moon Saga and tells the story of a young Sensate’s journey through a life of rage and revenge that lasts for nearly five hundred years.  Condemned as a murderer for the deaths of his parents, Ryeth must flee and face the world alone.  When his extrasensory powers begin to emerge and he searches for others of his kind, Ryeth is shunned as ‘not worthy’ by the group of Sensates for the murders.  Alone, he is thrown into a realm of disbelief and awe when unsuspected abilities are witnessed.  Thought to be a demon, he is captured, stoned, tied to a stake and set on fire.


Travel with Ryeth as he lives through the pain of loss, learns to use his special gifts, seeks revenge, and tastes the nectar of first love.

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