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Sensate Nine Moon Saga Novels


H. H. Laura’s Sensates are born with a recessive extrasensory gene.  Most go unnoticed, oftentimes exhibiting déjà vu occurrences throughout their lifetimes.  An elite few who possess this gene and display a high moral code are selected to enter the realm of Sensates, who have existed for over two thousand years.


Larkspur (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 1)
From Mallory Heart Reviews:

Intriguing, Complex Contemporary Magical Fantasy and More February 11, 2012


This is the first novel of the Sensate Trilogy. It is definitely an original story; I don't remember ever reading anything that comes close to this particular ongoing story line. Very intriguing. A mixture of contemporary, Paranormal, Magical Fantasy, and much more, I'd be hard-pressed to assign just one label-so I won't. I'll just recommend it and let the reader decide to what subgenres to assign it.

At age twenty-two, Alexandra is a college student, soon to begin work on her Master's Degree. After the deaths of her parents, she developed a sudden need to research her family's genealogy, and is currently urgently tracking her father's great-grandfather, Teater Higgins, a younger son who fathered two children in West Virginia  and then  disappeared.  Trying to track  him to an old,  abandoned

Higgins farm in Pennsylvania, Alexandra first falls into a cistern, then is spookily enabled to climb out after she finds a mysterious stone in an enclosure in the well.Later her lifelong disinterest in anything male is reversed when she accidentally makes eye contact with a stranger-but she has no way of realizing that this is quite literally a matter of destiny-hers and his-and that there is a vast universe of meaning and events yet to occur. The most seemingly impossible events and themes will come to play throughout this novel, and the two sequels to come.

This is an intensively detailed, extraordinarily imaginative, novel. I can't imagine not reading the next two in the Trilogy as soon as they appear.

Re-Released 2013 both Digital and Paperback

Ryeth (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 2)


Verified Purchaser at Amazon:


The author has done it again with a top-notch story. I don't usually read historical fiction, but the historical part of this epic story was interesting and believable. After reading Book 1, I enjoyed going back to the beginning of the journey for Ryeth. I love the writing style of H.H. Laura. Her writing is strong. Her characters are well-developed and Ryeth is very likable. The author presented a well-rounded character in Ryeth showing the reader his strength, his vulnerability, his passion and his struggle to accept his Sensate powers. The author has once again provided a great book that you don't want to miss reading. I look forward to future books in this saga. Kudos.

Digital Release Date 3/28/2016 on Amazom - Print Release Date 4/12/2016. 

Heartseed (Sensate Nine Moon Saga Book 3)


MAIN CHARACTERS: Teater Higgins, Alexandra Saffle Higgins, Jediah Saffle, Ryeth Garmendia, Alice Jane Saffle, Enoch Farmer, Dave Edwards, Ron Anderson, Onatah

SECONDARY CHARACTERS: James Dawson, Dr. Valentine Jellan, William Snyder, Terry Gooch, Detective Mokros, Officer Johnson, Reslyn, MacAila, Gabriel, John Ryan, and The Ultras.

FACTS:The mystery of Teater's death is finally brought to a close.  The Sensates must work together to ward off the Prophecy.

PREMISE: The third book in the Sensate Nine Moon Saga brings the FSB's threat to the Sensates' powers into full light.  What will the Sensates be forced to do to protect their secret?

Digital Release Date 6/23/2016 on Amazon - Print Release Date 2016.

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