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Pending Interview of H.H. Laura, Author by the Atlantean Blog

If the truth be known, I'm a little nervous about the upcoming interview I consented to do for CL Pardington's Atlantean Blog. I am at somewhat of a loss regarding social media, and I haven't been lurking in the shadows long enough to know what is proper protocol for such events. I'm prepared to give away copies of my books, but will that alone lure others to take interest in the interview? In an age where the social norm seems to be "I want it and I want it now" and society is used to getting it, is there room for the type of novel I've written?

  1. Larkspur is a long story; epic, to be exact (110,000 words).

  2. Larkspur doesn't follow the normal guidelines for any specific genre.

  3. Larkspur takes place over 9 months and is very detailed.

  4. Larkspur has romance, mystery, psychic powers, and loads of human interest.

Cross your fingers big-time for me. Like James T. Kirk, "I'm going where no man has gone before," at least in this house.

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