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Excerpt from Larkspur (Sensate Nine Moon Saga - Book 1)

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania – Spring

The instant her toe caught Alexandra braced herself for the impact. As her body made contact, the surface gave way. A scream escaped her lips as she tumbled downward through a dark shaft. The descent ended abruptly with a belly flop into icy cold water.

Water gushed up her nose and into her mouth; she thrashed until her foot touched bottom and her head cleared the surface. Coughing and straining to expel the foul water, she gasped for air to fill her burning lungs. She drew in a normal breath, shoved the hair out of her eyes and blinked to help adjust to the subdued light.

Grimacing from the throbbing ache in her left side, she rubbed her arm, instantly jerking as pain shot through her hand. A toothpick-sized splinter stuck out of the fleshy part of her palm. Gritting her teeth, she pulled it out and squeezed the hole to make it bleed. She wiped the blood away on her shirt.

Fear mounting, she spun around and took in her surroundings. The hole in the cover where she had crashed through was the only light entering her pit.

A cistern! Waist-high water, four solid walls, ten feet to the top, and no way out.

* * *

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