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A Burst of Gamma Ray

I've been researching cataclysmic events for my next novel, and I've settled on the destructive nature of the aberrant gamma ray.

It's a good thing I write fiction. I can't imagine the work it would take to be factual; I have enough trouble keeping my characters from running off the page as it is. Although my books revolve around a fictional world, I try to keep a firm footing in the real world. The Earth receives very weak doses of gamma rays daily. If, however, some system decides to creep near us and has a hypernovae, it could send a burst of gamma rays that could eradicate all life on the planet. All this would be through no fault of the planet's inhabitants, it would just happen.

Yes, this type of event suits my needs perfectly - a disaster that is no one's fault. Check in with my Sensates to find out why this happens, and to whom.

Get started today with Larkspur, the first book in my Sensate Nine Moon Saga series. You may obtain a FREE copy until August 1st if you goto Smashwords and use code UV86T at the checkout. Enjoy!

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