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Sensate Nine Moon Saga - 1st Book FREE

Please take this opportunity to download the FREE copy of Larkspur from SmashWords!

Use code UV86T at checkout!

Larkspur is the first book of H.H.Laura's Sensate Nine Moon Saga, and is being offered FREE to celebrate the publication of Heartseed, the third book in the series in which the Prophecy comes to an end. (This FREE copy is only available until August 1st.)

Throughout the series, you will come to know the benevolent Sensates, who are a group of people that possess a recessive gene. This gene gives them extrasensory perception (ESP) abilities that are linked to their five senses. The Sensates' greatest fear is discovery and capture.

In Larkspur, you will meet Alexandra, a twenty-two year old who discovers she is a Sensate. As she enters a world of wonder, three men want her. The first wants her power; the second wants to control her; the third wants to make her his own.

Start the journey today, which takes place over two thousand years, and enter the miraculous world of H.H. Laura's Sensates.

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