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Re-Launch of H.H. Laura's Larkspur

I'm proud to announce the re-launch of Larkspur, the first book in the Sensate Nine Moon Saga.

In 2011, I jumped feet first into the world of independent publishing. My only thought was to get down in black and white a story that just might out-live me. Perhaps my intent was selfish, for I wanted my mother, who was afflicted with Alzheimer's, to know that part of her would be remembered even if she couldn't remember herself.

I hurriedly composed a 394 page book where events in our lives were captured in a bit of fiction and published it. With a hard copy printed by CreateSpace, I visited her at home and showed it to her. I read the passages that depicted a memory of her life. I knew I was too late when she said, "Did that really happen?"

I may have failed in my initial attempt, but the story may yet live on. The re-write began, and I smoothed out the rough edges over the next year. I'm now happy to say I'm pleased with the result.

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