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Inspiration for Heartseed (Sensate Nine Moon Saga - Book 3)

The delicate Heartseed Vine not only inspired the name of Alexandra's home on the mountain, but also the concept of Balisier. My Sensates are a benevolent race of people who have extrasensory perception. In order to be selected to enter into their group, not only do you have to possess the recessive gene, but you must also exhibit a high moral character. The brown seeds of this vine are each marked with an ivory heart and represent my Sensates.

Balisier, the Sensates safe haven, was built inside a mountain, where their only access is via teleportation. The seeds of this amazing vine are encapsulated in a safe haven, as are my Sensates.

Pick up a copy of Larkspur today to begin a journey that starts over two thousand years ago with an Algonquin Indian named Onatah. Her remarkable strength, purity and wisdom create the Sensates that live today inside a Waynesburg, Pennsylvania mountain, and who fear detection of their abilities by those who would use them to their advantage.

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