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On Writing the Sensate Nine Moon Saga

Wow, I never thought I'd get here. I finished Heartseed, the third book in the Sensate Nine Moon Saga, and jumped for joy. This was a major accomplishment in my life.

When I started Larkspur, I hoped to finish the tribute to my parents before my mother lapsed so far into Alzheimer's that she didn't realize she would live on in print forever. It tickled me when she asked me again and again to read the excerpt that applied specifically to her.

When she passed away, I lost my oomph for writing. It took nearly two years for the ache to alleviate enough for me to continue the series. Ryeth was published in April of 2016, closely followed by Heartseed in June.

I look back at Larkspur, and I see how far I've come as a writer. I look back at the series and see how far I've come as an author.

Yes, I now consider myself an author, albeit a self-published one. I'm busy thinking of the next Sensate book, and hope that those who took the journey with me will join me once again for the next series. I have two main characters lined up, Reslyn and Rael. I can't wait to begin, but I'm at the mercy of my characters. So far, it's exciting and thought-provoking...

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